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e-Travel Guide Menorca 

Menorca remains the most charming & authentic Balearic Island destination in the Mediterranean and is loved by many for the tranquility and unspoiled countryside, magical beaches and coves, changing coastline, local customs and cuisine.

Getting out and exploring Menorca has never been easier and the Menorcan government is dedicated to improving accessibility on the island and the facilities. There is a varied choice of top quality accessible accommodation and the staff are dedicated to ensuring your visit to Menorca becomes a treasured memory. With the help of the 12 different categories included in e-travel guide, exploring Menorca will be fun and rewarding.

There are so many things to see and do and having reduced mobility will not lessen your experience here. A guaranteed great holiday is possible. Menorca is a fabulous spring/summer and autumn destination for everyone who loves sunshine, stunning beaches and coves, aquamarine crystal sea, breath-taking scenery, fabulous wining and dining in spectacular locations, cultural traditions, historic cities and Fiestas!

This e-travel guide is not an historic guide but is helpful for anyone who has trouble getting around, who loves to travel and wants to come on holiday to the magical island of Menorca in the Mediterranean and explore its treasures. As specific information regarding accessibility in Menorca is not generally available in printed versions or on the internet, this guide provides much needed information. Furthermore, exploring the beautiful Island should be easy and without worry and this eBook contains information about how to get out and about. 

Living on the island and running a mobility rental business has given me great insight to visitors’ needs. Listening to visitors and their experiences has provided me with much of the information included this e-travel guide. 

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I am happy to send you my e-book for free but I do support a very important charity in Menorca. 

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Name of Charity: Menorca Donkey Rescue, Alaior








30 minutes • They are between the Son Bou & Alaior exits –Calan porter & Alaior exits.. It is a road the goes nowhere.. you can park your car.. walk down under the tunnel..

Please Help us save these donkeys as they are in desperate need of funding , need medical treatment,  need food and the donkeys need to be adopted and the charity needs most of all sponsorship!

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Name of Charity: Menorca Donkey Rescue, Alaior


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