Mission & Inspiration

WallaceMy Mission & Inspiration  

My inspiration to start the 1st online booking site www.holidaymobilityscootersmenorca.com  is due to my close friendship with Fiona, a school friend of 40 years. Despite the fact that she is less mobile,  she has continued to amaze me with her determination, enthusiasm and zest for travelling abroad as often as she can. Now that Fiona needs to hire a mobility scooter to be able to continue her passion for travel, she confided in me how difficult or impossible it has been for her to hire a mobility scooter in different destinations.

Knowing how important it is to have peace of mind  prior to travelling to Menorca, when organizing the rental of a mobility scooter,  I have launched Menorca’s 1st online booking site.

Living on this precious and beautiful Island of Menorca, everyone visiting this island should have access to Mobility Scooters in order to have the freedom to explore all of Menorca’ s special places.

Aside from providing Mobility Scooters, we are also passionate about providing all our guests in Menorca with current and useful information regarding accessible beaches, accessible beauty spots and accessible places of interest.  In addition there is practical information about moving around Menorca and a list of accessible hotels in accessible resorts.

www.mobilityscootersmenorca.com will continue to improve its level of service by constantly reviewing your requirements, by reviewing the facilities available and the accessibility of Menorca as a holiday destination.

www.mobilityscootersmenorca.com will continue to promote and increase awareness of accessible holidays in Menorca.

p.s. Thank you Fiona for your input and your enthusiasm for my venture. You are welcome here at my home Fiona, anytime and  with the free use of one of our Mobility Scooters of course!