Cala en Blanes Beach

Caka en Blanes Beach

Cala en Blanes Beach


This sandy beach cove is set in a long inlet which makes the water very shallow and warm.

Behind the beach there is an extensive area with palm trees for shade and picnicking with toilet and BBQ facilities.

On the side of the small beach there are some bars/restaurants. There are sunbathing and swimming platforms that are dotted along the narrow inlet if you wish to escape the beach area.

   Access to Beach




Cala en Blanes is part of a collection of several tiny resorts along this coastal stretch and is the one with the largest beach. Los Delfines is the local ‘resort name’ for this area that includes the locations of Cala’n Forcat, Cala ‘n Brut and Cala’n Blanes. There is a wide variety of bars and restaurants as well as a wide variety of entertainment. 

Facilities on the Beach         

Disabled Parking



Buoys and nets


Cladding walkways and Ramps

WC/ Disabled Toilets



Cala'n Blanes Beach

Cala’n Blanes Beach

Shady Park

Shady Park