Cala Blanca Beach

Typical Menorcan Cove

Cala Blanca Cove

This charming and tiny cove takes its name from its special white sands and is famous for its crystal waters. It is ideally situated, close to a number of hotels and apartments. The access in the resort  is fairly good with drop curbs and  there is a lovely coastal promenade ! The beach is a small cove and is not accessible by wheelchair/mobility scooter (path stops 3 meters from the beach) however the views of the sea from the local beach bar are stunning and a perfect way to enjoy the sea views and the lovely sea air. Cala Blanca is connected to Ciutadella by the road leading south to Cala’n Bosch. 




Cala Blanca Beach park-M

Cala Blanca Shady Park

Facilities on the beach                    

Disabled Parking

Life guards




Pathway to Beach

Pathway to Beach