Son Bou Beach & Resort


Son Bou is home to the longest beach on the island as well as being one of the most popular resorts due to the excellent tourist services. The beach (2500 meters long by 105 meters wide) has marvellous white and fine sand. Please be aware that the furthest west point, near the Atàlix outlet, is visited by nudists.

You can Access the beach by  the wooden cladding walkway from the resort centre and from the large car park.  








There are villas, hotels  and apartments also situated on the hillside looking towards the sea. Please be aware that some of these hills are rather steep and not all villas have a location that is suitable for mobility scooters or wheelchairs. 

There are also hotels and apartments located at the bottom of the hill behind the beach here you will find shops, restaurants and other amenities. 

Route to Son Bou: Turn off the main road Ciutadella – Mahon at Alaior and follow signs to Son Bou beach.

Son Bou Beach

Son Bou Beach


There is disabled parking in the resort but also in the beach car park.




Facilities on the Beach

Mat access to the sea

Beach walkers and Crutches

Amphibious Chairs

Red Cross Assistance

Disabled parking nearby the beach with a cladding walkway leading to the beach

Disabled Toilets



Chiringito’s (beach bars) with wheelchair access 


Son Bou Resort

Son Bou Resort

Wooden Cladding to Beach

Wooden Cladding to Beach